Luxury Gift Box

Luxury Gift Box Each Leonidas chocolate gift box is packed with a delightful package of fresh chocolates
Corporate Collection 16 pcs (Corporate Collection 16 粒裝禮盒)

Leonidas Corporate Gift Box is filled with a delicious assortment of 16 pieces Fresh Belgian Chocolates.

內有 16 粒幼滑的比利時新鮮朱古力,每粒以優質材料及100%可可油製造,口感香滑細膩。

Deluxe Gold Collection 12 pcs

Leonidas Deluxe Gold Gift Box is filled with a delicious assortment of 12 pieces Fresh Belgian Chocolates.


Deluxe Gold Collection 24 pcs

Leonidas Deluxe Gold Gift Box is filled with a delicious assortment of 24 pieces Fresh Belgian Chocolates.

內有 24 粒幼滑的比利時新鮮朱古力,每粒以優質材料及100%可可油製造,口感香滑細膩。

Victor Tin 8pcs
Victor metal gift box containing a collection of 8 Leonidas pralines of your choice

Perfect gift for any chocolate lover.
Heritage Gift Box 9 pcs (Heritage Gift Box 9 粒裝禮盒)
Leonidas gift box filled with our signature assortment.

Box is filled with a single layer of 9 chocolates.

Perfect gift for any occasion.
Leonidas Assorted Chocolate Cookies 100g

- Thin biscuit with almond pieces and dipped in milk chocolate. 

- Thin almond and cherry biscuit, dipped in dark chocolate. 

- Thin biscuit inspired by the Manon, with coffee, almond and cranberries, dipped in white chocolate. 

Heritage Golden Tin Gift Box (25pcs)

Leonidas Heritage Golden Tin Gift Box is filled with a delicious assortment of 25 pieces Fresh Belgian Chocolates.

內有 25 粒幼滑的比利時新鮮朱古力,每粒以優質材料及100%可可油製造,口感香滑細膩。

Napolitain Tin Gift Box 28 Pieces
Gift box containing an assortment of Leonidas Napolitians or wrapped chocolate wafers. Assortment contains 16 wafers and includes the 6 flavors: orange, feuilletine, nibs, milk, white and Sao Tome (dark).

Gift box comes wrapped with ribbon and makes a perfect gift or holiday party favor.