Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar The Leonidas Chocolate Bar selection is inspired by our best-selling Napolitains. All bars are made with 100% cocoa butter, to offer you quality and convenience. Simply the perfect snack for your discerning palate!
Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar (100g)

​Milk chocolate with caramel, made with salted butter from Isigny (France). 

The famous Leonidas milk chocolate with caramel acquires a very special flavour thanks to the salted butter from Isigny, the renowned dairy region in Normandy (France). It is made with the finest ingredients and you taste it at once!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar (100g)

​Powerful dark chocolate with tangy raspberry morsels. 

An interesting synergy between between morsels of raspberries and dark chocolate with 54% cocoa. An exclusive recipe by our Maître Chocolatier with Glen Ample raspberries.